What is Colon Hydrotherapy (aka Colonics)?

Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure, but it is a valuable procedure for a variety of colon conditions. A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. Colon hydrotherapy may rejuvenate every cell of the body. A colonic session cleanses and hydrates the colon, exercises the colon muscles and may reshape the colon. In addition it helps to release toxins, cleanse the blood, empower the immune system and restore the PH balance in the body, as well as re-hydrate the whole body.

Maybe you’ve already heard about the importance of colon cleansing for weight loss and good health. Or perhaps a friend or relative was singing the praises of colonic therapy and said that you just HAD to try it out. Whatever they may be, you know your own reasons and questions all too well. But we all know we have to get the toxins out! And we have to get them out now!

Consider that $400-$600 million dollars are spent annually on laxatives in the United
States. Every year 126,000 Americans are diagnosed as having colorectal cancer. Of this population, 44% will die as a result of the disease. At least two million Americans suffer from colitis, ileitis, diverticulitis and 100,000 Americans have a colostomy each year. Periodic cleansing of the colon could prevent stagnation and minimize the exposure to potential cancer causing agents to the colon wall. 

Steps to Colon Hydrotherapy

1. Exercises the Colon Muscles: The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning over time. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon may improve muscular contraction activity by which the colon naturally moves material outward.

2. Cleanse the Colon: Toxic material is broken down so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Even debris built up over years is gently, but surely removed in the process of a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments. Once impacted material is removed, your colon may once again begin to cooperate as mother nature so intended.

3. Stimulates Reflex Points: Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points. Colon hydrotherapy stimulates these points, thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way.

4. Reshapes the Colon: When problematic conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape which over time may cause more problems. The gentle action of the colon hydrotherapy session in combination with the massage techniques by the colon therapist may help to eliminate bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state.

Colonic Hydrotherapy may be THE answer to one of these questions:

  • Why am I not losing any weight when I’m trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly?
  • How can I get rid of the excruciating gas pains and embarrassing bloating in my stomach?
  • How can I make my belly flatter? Why do I feel so sluggish and tired all the time?
  • How can I become regular so I don’t have to strain in the bathroom to produce a few hard pebbles once or twice a week?
  • How can I get rid of the uncertainty and pain of my bowel movements and live a more comfortable life?

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