SlimXpress Weight Loss Program

The weight loss program at SlimXpress is unparalleled to those found in other weight-loss facilities. It takes into account the unique body needs of the clients based on their profile. The team of experts at the SlimXpress diet clinic is constantly determined to provide customized nutritional plans to clients. The integration of medical supervision and a one-on-one nurse coaching also aids in proper weight management.

The several different diet programs make it possible for the client to maintain their weight loss through peer support and guidance from the knowledgeable staff at SlimXpress. Some nutritional programs only work while the client follows the program. As soon as they stray from the program they may begin to regain the lost weight. At SlimXpress, the numerous diet plans allow the client to select the plan that fits best with their lifestyle and weight loss goals. The plans can be tailored to each individual to make sure that they are truly the best possible solution. General nutritional education is also offered on a day-to-day basis to ensure consistency during weight loss.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting us for a discussion about how to manage your weight.

  • All our programs are medically supervised
  • Our services are personalized to meet your specific needs
  • With us, your tailored plan can help you  look and feel your best

Maintenance Program

SlimXpress provides clients with continued support from SlimXpress staff as well as peers who are also on the journey to meet and maintain weight loss goals. This helps to ensure healthy lifestyle changes that help to keep the weight off. Clients are provided with an arsenal of tools that help in maintaining not only a healthy weight, but also long term lifestyle changes like healthy eating and exercise habits. While attending the weight-loss program, you report to a team of consultants for at least two to four times in a month. Thereafter, you are transferred to the support and maintenance program. This is to allow you to have support from some of your peers and enable you to make the necessary changes to ensure your new lifestyle is something that sticks with you for good.

Do you weigh much more than it is recommended by health standards? Or do you want to lose some weight, regain your initial slim body and feel and look your best? If so, then SlimXpress may be the right solution for you to begin your weight loss journey. At present, most people tend to take a keen interest in watching their calories. This is because of the uncountable benefits that are reaped out of it. While weight loss and maintenance is a committed lifestyle, SlimXpress can help you meet your weight loss goals more effectively than on your own.

Your first step is to walk into a SlimXpress clinic where you will meet expert consultants who are dedicated to guide you down the path toward achieving your goals and helping you to maintain the changes that you work so hard to achieve.

Call SlimXpress today for a free consultation to find out how SlimXpress can partner with you to help you begin your journey to a healthier, more satisfied life.

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